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Phone or Video Sessions

$775/Hour Brandy Griffin. $1,500/Hour Denver Griffin

Since our Clients are all over the world, most of our sessions are over the phone. 

Full Day House Calls $15,500/Day + travel costs *Denver Griffin only 

Life changing Visit in one day.  Immersive experience. You and your spouse will spend and entire day Face to Face with Denver and together your marriage be transformed.  We will get to the root of why your marriage is stuck in sludge and move you forward into a Great Marriage Future. There's no comparison to this Immersive Experience with Denver.  This Will put your marriage on the right track we call the Happy Train.  

              Meeting at Hotel Suite near your airport or agreed place. 

Full Days last 7 to 10 hours.  If distance requires a full day of travel for Denver each way then a 3 day booking is required.  Denver's home base in Puerto Rico most of  the year, and Arkansas USA In Fall and Spring.  If Travel is only a few hours then 1 day booking will be appropriate.   



As a VIP Access client, you get my cell phone number and personal email address. You have 911 access to me 24/6.

If I’m not available when you contact me, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within an hour, and guaranteed by the end of the day.

Fee is payable in advance, good for 30 days.  

$5,200 Special

Payment in advance

SPECIAL PRICING EXPIRES 6/1 Reverts Back to $6350

The Hybrid Combines 7 Weeks of 1 hours sessions. Each session you'll gain Communication and Healing insights that will move your marriage forward.  This strategy will give you proven skills to utilize as your marriage paces into peace and Happiness.  It is possible to be closer than you ever were before once your equipped with a practical formula that works.  Includes 4 or more Videos + Home exercise that will work to help you rebuild your marriage with One on One help along the way.  Sessions can be extended past the 7 weeks if requested. 

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